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Restrictions and Covenants


Restrictive covenants, conditions, easements,
or leases of record, if any, are set forth below.

Walter C. Hewitt, James P. Amaden, Lester Feierstein to Dorothy Blythe.
Dated 8/6/73, Liber: 7462 cp 250.


TOGETHER with the perpetual use in common with other owners of lots shown on Map of Lion Head Beach for the purpose of boating and bathing in Gardiner’s Bay and Hog Creek over plots designated on Map of Lion Head Beach as “Beach Reservation”.


ALSO, the right to pass and re-pass over all roads and streets as shown on map.


SUBJECT to the reservations, restrictions, covenants, conditions and agreements as set forth in a Declaration dated 10/20/61 and recorded in the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office on 11/6/61 in Liber 5077 cp 42, to wit:

  • No building except a private single family dwelling and one private garage for the use of the occupants of the dwelling shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot. No business, trade or manufacturing of any kind shall be conducted or permitted. No part of said subdivision shall be used for any insane, inebriate or other asylum or any cemetery or place of burial, nor shall there be kept on any lot any animals, fowl, cattle or livestock other than domestic pets.
  • No building, wall or other structure shall be erected, moved onto or maintained on any lot, nor any changes or alterations made therein, unless and until plans and specifications and the location of same, including plans for grading and clearing the lot to be built upon shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the developers or their successors in interest. No dwelling shall be erected having a first floor area of less than 720 square feet, exclusive of porches, breezeway and attached garage.
  • No building shall be erected on any lot within 40 feet of the line of any road or street, nor within 15 feet of any side line nor within 20 feet of the rear line. On corner lots, a front yard is required on one street frontage and a side yard of 30 feet on the other street frontage. No lot shall be divided or sold except as a whole without the written consent of the developers.
  • No advertising signs, trailers, tents, outside toilets or temporary buildings shall be permitted on any lot.
  • The owners of all lots in said subdivision shall have in common with others the equal right to use and enjoy the three areas designated on said subdivision map as “RECREATIONAL AREA FOR USE OF RESIDENTS OF LION HEAD BEACH”, which said recreational areas shall be for the common use of the developers, their grantees and the grantees of the owners.
  • All sewage disposal and water supply systems shall be constructed in accordance with plans approved by the Suffolk County Health Department on the subdivision map filed herewith. All lots will be conveyed subject to the provisions of the zoning ordinances and the building regulations of the Town of East Hampton.
  • The provisions herein shall run with the land and shall be binding on all grantees, their respective heirs, assigns and successors.
  • Nothing herein shall be construed to impose upon the developers or their successors in interest any obligation to restrict in any manner any other property now or hereafter owned by the developers.

SUBJECT also to annual maintenance charge for “Beach Reservations” as designated on said map which charge may be imposed by the Lion Head Beach Civic Association, Inc.