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Property Owner Small Craft Rental Agreement


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  1. The small craft storage rack may ONLY be rented to LHBA PROPERTY OWNERS IN GOOD STANDING. All slots will be assigned by LHBA.
  2. Small craft is defined as: canoe, kayak, etc. Maximum length is 17′ – Maximum beam is 40″. Note: NO motor powered craft is permitted!
  3. The annual charge for rental is $172.50.
  4. Applications will be accepted in postmark order after January 1st for all property owners .
  5. Small craft rack renters and guest users of rented small craft WAIVE any and all claims against Lion Head Beach Association, its members, officers, directors and representatives and WAIVE and hold harmless Lion Head Beach Association, its members, officers, directors and representatives for any injury, including death, losses, property damage and/or expense which may occur while small craft renters and guest users are using their equipment in and about the small craft rack, at the marina and/or on LHBA property, including entering and exiting Hog Creek and the waterways by means of Lion Head Beach Association property. Such WAIVER extends to any and all damages or losses occurring to any small craft in or about the small craft rack.
  6. Each owner must properly secure their small craft front & back with a security device.
  7. Small craft rack rental period is from April 15th to November 15th of the current year. Note: No small craft are to be left in marina/recreational area after November 15th. After that date, small craft will be removed at owner’s expense.
  8. Small craft owner must have liability coverage for this equipment.
    Note: This coverage may be part of your homeowner’s insurance.
  9. NO REFUNDS. Slot fees are not transferable.
  10. In signing this agreement, the property owner agrees to all the terms set forth in this agreement.

Rev 3/24.

Download PDF Form