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Property Owner Boat Slip Rental Agreement


Download PDF Application Form
Download PDF Agreement

  1. Boat slip renters and guest users of rented boats WAIVE any and all claims against Lion Head Beach Association, its members, officers, directors and representatives and WAIVE and hold harmless Lion Head Beach Association, its members, officers, directors and representatives for any injury, including death, losses, property damage and/or expense which may occur while boat slip renters and guest users are using their equipment in and about the boat slips, at the marina and/or on LHBA property, including entering and exiting Hog Creek and the waterways by means of Lion Head Beach Association property. Such WAIVER extends to any and all damages or losses occurring to any boat in or about the boat slip area. The dockmaster is authorized to board a boat in the performance of his duties.
  2. Boats using LHBA slips must be registered to and used by the individual renting the slip.  Current copies of your boat registration and liability insurance must be submitted ANNUALLY to the LHBA Board of Directors.  Maximum overall length of boat, incl. bow pulpits, swim platforms, etc. is 28 ft.  Maximum beam is 10 ft.
  3. All persons renting a boat slip in LHBA marina must abide by LHBA Restrictions and Covenants & By-Laws.
  4. Each boat owner must properly secure his boat with adequate size lines. The dockmaster will inspect all boats to verify that they are properly secured.  If the boat is not secured properly, the boat owner will receive written notification to comply.  If boat owner fails to comply after notification, he will not be eligible for a boat slip in the following year.
  5. Slip rental is from April 15TH to November 15th.  All boats & dock lines to be removed by November 15th. All Security gate access cards issued to boaters must be returned on or before November 15th.
  6. Only standard marine dock bumpers and guards fastened with stainless steel screws may be installed on pilings.  NO CARPETING OR TIRES MAY BE INSTALLED. NO CONCRETE BLOCKS may be used. Please consult the dockmaster for guidance.  All rigging including the above must be removed on or before November 15th  or you will be billed for removal.
  7. Boaters are not permitted to install their own ladders.
  8. LHBA has the authority to assign or re-assign boat slips to best meet the needs of the community. If your boat is not moored by June 15th after notification, LHBA may rent the slip to another party.
  9. No trailers, boats or recreational vehicles are permitted for overnight parking at marina/recreational area.
    Only one automobile parking space is allocated for each boat slip renter.
  10. Boat slip renters are liable for any damages caused to the bulkhead or the pilings.
  11. Sleeping overnight on any vessel is prohibited by LHBA and East Hampton Town Code #246-25
    NOTE: Electrical outlets are for EMERGENCY use only. They are not to be used for any other purpose
  12. Marina/recreational area is a “NO DISCHARGE” area as per East Hampton Town Code #246-26which states “No person shall dump or cause to be dumped or deposit any garbage, rubbish, sewage or fish carcasses in known waters”. All boats moored or entering Hog Creek must have their sanitation devices secured.


A completed application, current copies of insurance and registration and remittance must be received by MARCH 1st. Boat dimensions must be very accurate. Applications will be processed in postmark date order.

Charges: $55.00/ft. per season. First time renters pay an initial fee of $500.00 plus $55.00/ft.

Slip fees are non-transferable and non-refundable

Rev. 3/22

Download PDF Application Form
Download PDF Agreement