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Animal Rescue Services

If you see a distressed or injured animal, please contact a rescue service.

Many of us from time to time have observed an animal injured or in a precarious situation. If you come across a situation where an animal needs help, you may try calling one of the numbers below. Please save these numbers. If members have names and numbers of other individuals or services, please share them with us and we will post them on the website.

Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
Office: (631) 728-4200
Hotline: (631) 728-WILD (9453)
Emergency After Hours: (631) 994-6189

Dell Cullum Hampton Wildlife and Rescue
Phone: (631) 377-6555
(This is the number we have – and he may be associated with Evelyn Alexander service above)

Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons
Phone: (631) 779-3737

Animal Control
For certain deceased animals such as deer. They may only come if the animal is on the road.
Phone: 631-324-0085 x 2501/2502

Feeding Deer
As an aside, it has been pointed out that some homeowners are feeding deer and it has been recommended that this practice is not constructive.