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Property Owner Guidelines


In order to enhance the quality of life, and the property values, of our Lion Head Beach community, the LHBA Board of Directors issues these guidelines to property owners for their own use as well as for use by their guests, tenants and employees. If you rent your home, please ensure that your tenants follow these guidelines in order that all who live here can share the quiet enjoyment of our unique and desirable community. We suggest you incorporate these guidelines into your lease agreement with your tenant to assist you in obtaining adherence to these guidelines by your tenant. Following these simple courtesy guidelines will help your tenants enjoy their experience of being a temporary member of our community, and your ensuring this will be very much appreciated by your fellow property owners.


LEGAL OCCUPANCY: This community is zoned for single family residence occupancy. Please ensure all East Hampton Town regulations governing single family residence occupancy are strictly followed. Apparent violations will be referred to the East Hampton Town Code Enforcement Department.


GARBAGE: Place all garbage in secure containers with locking covers adjacent to your home in order to prevent scattering of contents by stray animals (dogs, raccoons, foxes, crows, etc.). Do not use unprotected plastic bags. Promptly clean up all spills. If a waste collection service is used, arrange for the carter to clean up spills and return empty containers to the home and not left at the edge of the road.


LITTER: Carry all litter from picnics, and all refreshment containers used while walking along our roads and beaches, back to the house and place in your household garbage cans.


BEACH FIRES: Open fires are not permitted on our beaches at any time.


DOGS: Dogs being walked along the road shall be under control and preferably on a leash. No one likes dog droppings, so clean up after your dog. Barking dogs annoy neighbors, so tend to your dog to restrict barking.


AUTOMOBILE PARKING: Where possible, park automobiles off the road. Automobiles which do not fit in the driveway should be parked well onto the shoulder for their protection and for safety of passing automobiles. Do not park automobiles in front of neighboring property nor blocking their driveway. Do not park boats on trailers overnight along the road. Automobiles being repaired should be parked inside a garage or otherwise out of sight from the road.


QUIET ENJOYMENT: Enable your neighbors to enjoy their peace and privacy by refraining from loud parties or music, especially at night. After 11 P.M., keep the party inside with windows closed. Limit the sound of construction, power tools, leaf blowers and mowers to the hours between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.


USE OF COMMON PROPERTIES: Use of LHBA common properties (beach paths, marina parking and all three recreational areas) is restricted to property owners in good standing. If a property owner decides to allow their tenant or guest to use these common properties, the property owner remains fully responsiblefor the manner in which said tenant or guest uses these common properties.


Rev. 1-09-10